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Viagra FDA Recall

Viagra FDA Recall

There is currently no Viagra FDA recall. The FDA has also not yet released any statement that it's investigating Viagra due to a recent study that has linked Viagra use with an increased risk in melanoma, skin cancer. Any information on a Viagra FDA recall would be posted on the FDA Viagra page here. Viagra may increase the risk of melanoma because it impacts the same pathway that allows the skin cancer to become more invasive. The FDA actively monitors adverse side effects of various kinds of medications. For example in 2004 the FDA was involved in warning Merck regarding Vioxx, which resulted in a Vioxx Recall. The FDA warnings regarding the label resulted in a massive class action lawsuit. Vioxx is considered to be the largest drug recall in history, with Merck settling Vioxx litigation in the US for $4.8 billion, with close to $1 billion in legal expenses. The amount of men who have developed melanoma has reportedly increased since Viagra was approved by the FDA in 1998. Approximately 78,000 people will be diagnosed with melanoma in 2014. Around 10 thousand people die from melanoma skin cancer every single year. Many lawyers all over the country are investigating the link between melanoma and viagra. Currently it is not known if any new viagra lawsuits have been filed. Industry insiders are speculating that if there is a link confirmed between viagra and an increased risk of melanoma, viagra lawsuits could be filed over a failure to warn.

Viagra Recall Lawsuit

If you have taken Viagra and suffered from melanoma you may be entitled to compensation. Our Viagra lawyers are investigating the link between an increased risk and melanoma. If the company knew there was risk of melanoma they should have alerted the public. It may be possible to sue over Viagra for a failure to warn. To have our Viagra lawyers review your potential claim, please complete the form the right. Our Viagra lawyers will review your information and advise on the next steps in filing a Viagra lawsuit.

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